Jewish and Christian Calendar

This is a 16-month calendar published by Etz Hayim-Tree of Life.

Gospel and Parashah Commentaries

The commentaries, written by Bat Kol Alums, are available on the website of the ISPS-Ratisbonne Bat Kol Christian Centre for Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, Israel.

Biblical Programs

The program will be based at Ecce Homo, the biblical historical house on the Via Dolorosa in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem. The lecture and study rooms are designed and equipped to help deliver lectures and presentations using smart presentation technology. Accommodation is provided within the Ecce Homo Pilgrimhouse, usually, single rooms with en-suite. The house is described as a haven of tranquillity and peace within the vibrancy that is the Old City.

Sion Centre for Dialogue and Encounter

A place to listen, learn, reflect, respect. A setting for study and growth in mutual understanding between Christians and Jews, between other faiths and cultures. Located in the heart of London, the Sion Centre for Dialogue and Encounter is run by the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion and offers courses and lectures, as well as times for reflection and prayer. There is the opportunity to read and do research in our specialist library. We are also pleased to welcome outside groups who can use our facilities for their own seminars, training and meetings.

Sisters of Our Lady of Sion Australia

Check out their webinar offerings on their YouTube Channel

Light of Torah

Interfaith Education

Light of Torah is the initiative of Teresa Pirola, ThD, a Sydney-based Catholic faith educator. She began this work in 2009, motivated by her experiences of Torah study under the guidance of Jewish and Christians teachers at Bat Kol Institute, Jerusalem. Since then, Light of Torah has created Torah-study resources, held workshops, networked small Torah groups, and co-facilitated five Holy Land tours for Australian Catholics.

Bat Kol Memory Book

Relive the memories! Limited edition only.

If you wish to order a copy, please write to us at  The cost of the book is ILS 50 (or approximately US$15 including shipping cost).  You can preview by clicking the arrow on the right.  You can also expand  by clicking the expand icon on the dashboard section.