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Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Sabbath in the Scriptures

    • Introduction

    • Explore Sefaria

    • The Sabbath in Key Biblical Passages 1

    • The Sabbath in Key Biblical Passages 2

    • BKI Reflection Questions 1

  • 2

    The Sabbath in Theological and Philosophical Thoughts

    • The Sabbath in Early Jewish Writings

    • BKI Reflection Questions 2

    • The Sabbath in Early Jewish Writings (continued)

    • BKI Reflection Questions 3

    • The Sabbath (Contemporary Reflection)

    • BKI Reflection Questions 4

  • 3

    The Sabbath at Home and in the Synagogue

    • The Sabbath Spirituality and Tradition

    • BKI Reflection Questions 5

    • The Torah and the Sabbath

    • BKI Reflection Questions 6

  • 4

    Sabbath Rest and Sunday Worship

    • A Sabbath Experience

    • Jesus and the Sabbath

    • The Sabbath in the New Testament and Early Christian Writings

    • BKI Reflection Questions 7

    • Keeping the Sabbath

    • Survey: Keeping the Sabbath

  • 5

    Resources for Further Studies

    • Shalom Aleichem

    • The Shabbat Blessings

    • The Universal Sabbath for Non-Jewish

    • Parashah Commentaries

    • Self-reflection


Rabbi Michael Marmur

Dr. Michael Marmur is the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Provost at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Insitute of Religion. Born and raised in England, Rabbi Marmur completed a BA degree in Modern History at the University of Oxford before moving to Israel in 1984. While studying for an MA in Ancient Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he completed his studies in the Israel Rabbinic Program of HUC-Jerusalem, becoming ordained in 1992.

Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kelman

Rabbi Levi is the founding rabbi of Congregation Kol Haneshama in Jerusalem. Rabbi Weiman-Kelman teaches prayer and liturgy at the Hebrew Union College Jerusalem campus. He lectures frequently in Israel and abroad on Jewish spirituality and prayer.

Our gratitude to Paula Weiman-Kelman for the videography and editing.

Sr. Maureena Fritz, NDS

Sr. Maureena is a member of the order of the Sisters of Sion. She is best known as the founder of Bat Kol Institute of Jewish Studies for Christians and has travelled the world building the Bat Kol community.